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Welcome to Sportsman's Paradise!
Updated 3/21/2011
  • These properties are not forclosure, or land holding company transfers. They are FOR SALE BY OWNER, with clear deeds and taxes paid. Some are being offered with attractive 10% down, fixed rate Land Contracts, These properties may also be periodically listed with local Real Estate Agencies. 

  • These properties are ideally suited for those wanting a retreat, absolute quite and privacy... a place to get away. If you are looking for the perfect spot to build a simple hunting or fishing camp/cottage, you may not have to look much further. (If you are looking for groomed waterfront with "subdivision ambience", you might as well keep looking. )

  • These properties are NOT "back 40 leftovers"... but in fact represent the best of the best, having been acquired after much research and inside knowledge of the area.  Should you have the opportunity to walk and experience these lands, I am certain you will agree. Each is absolutely beautiful and totally unique. 
If you enjoy wildlife and outdoor sports, you will have found your personal paradise. It common to see Bald Eagles, Osprey, Elk, Otters, Mink and Beaver within these unspoiled areas. Rare songbirds abound. If you are a trout fisherman, I don't have to tell you what the Pigeon River is all about. If you aren't a trout fisherman yet, you will become one quickly! If you are a deer hunter, You will have world class whitetail hunting on thousands of state owned, under-hunted acres, right from your back door!
Current properties for sale include:
The Famed Pigeon River, protected under the Michigan's natural rivers act, is one of Michigan's top trout streams! Two seperate 10+ acre lots and a restored fishing camp for sale, located in the scenic highbanks stretch. (Cheboygan County)
Just added! Hall's Lake Getaway Cottage (FSBO). Located on a small, clean under-developed lake in western Isabella County. Fully furnished, new rock seawall, paddle boat, and many extras. Below appraised value. SAVE THOUSANDS on this gem! Close driving distance from  downstate! Price reduced!
Be our guest! Come in and browse around! Each listing is loaded with information, photos, maps, videos!
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